Ron Keeling has been an ordained minister since 1972.  He was born in Portland, Oregon and grew up in the quiet neighborhood of Westmoreland and attended Cleveland High.  It was there that Ron began his musical career joining the junior choir his sophomore year.  At the end of that year he began studying voice at the encouragement of his high school choir teacher Bruce Johnson.  Later that summer he auditioned and was accepted into The Continental’s under the direction of Cam Floria.  By the time Ron was a senior in high school he was singing six nights a week, and by the time he was 17 he had sung in 42 states and 10 foreign countries.  Ron attended Seattle Pacific College where he continued his musical career touring for the school in the Seattle Pacific Singers.

Following graduation S.P.C. hired Ron to be an Admissions Counselor.  His second day oncooks hill directory 2012-199
the job he interviewed a tall, beautiful blonde haired girl from Spokane, WA. named Patsy Buffington.   Just about three years to the day after they met he married her in July of 1973 and began their life together.  To their marriage David (1974), Peter (1976), and John (1978) were born.  Ron and Patsy now have three grand children, Jack (2005) Addison (2008) and Jorie (2015).

Ron’s ministry has been full and varied.  Serving as an assistant pastor, youth minister, minister of music and a senior pastor.  He also has served on various boards and committees as well as a member of the Seattle Pacific Board of Trustees from 1984-1991.

In addition to performing as a professional singer, Ron has served as a funeral chaplain, helping over 4500 families through the loss of a loved one.

Ron officially retired from the Free Methodist Church in 2009 and is currently working in the Cooks Hill Community Church in Centralia Washington as pastor to senior adults.

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